Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Optimize business results with the innovative solutions from MAPS

When you work with MAPS, you work with a vendor partner who has the expertise and experience you need to take that next step. We know technology, but we also know how to optimize its capabilities to work best for you.  After all, our logo incorporating "directions for better technology" says it all! With our knowledge, resources, personnel, and dedicated vendor support, we’re the perfect partner to give you exactly what you need, where and when you need it.  We have the people, processes, and technology to help you work faster, smarter, and make sure your company’s information is available to those who need it, anytime, anywhere

Understanding that your company is unique, we in turn believe that your designed solutions should share that same unique structure. That’s why we don’t just sell you individual products that don’t work together, or that don't fit with your plans.  MAPS has formed strategic partnerships with industry leading manufacturers and providers to develop a comprehensive portfolio of customizable digital and print solutions. We work to understand your business, and then provide you with comprehensive solutions based specifically on your pain points, your core competencies, and your goals.

Scalable business application and solutions categories

Capture and Distribution. Transform hard-copy document distribution and storage into a simplified, digital workflow.

Document Management. Easily capture store, share, and retrieve your documents.

Mobile and Cloud. Take advantage of print and scanning capabilities on the go from today's mobile and cloud technology. Harness the power of mobility to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, deepen customer connections – and keep pace with a rapidly changing environment.

Network Device Management.  Optimize, track, and manage network devices from local and remote locations.

Output Management. Print your business documents and dynamic forms from virtually any environment.

Cost Control and Security. Manage costs associated with your MFP while protecting your company assets. Take an end-to-end approach from IT security governance and operations to application, endpoint and network security.